Software & Technical Manuals in Bin Ladin's Bookshelf

Besides the fact, that the website is weirdly well done, the Software & Technical Manuals in 'Bin Ladin's Bookshelf' section fascinates me deeply.

I mean, “Create Dither Pattern” (software manual, origin unclear) within the given context is the stuff of stories of some Taiwanese or Japanese author.
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    On the subject of books and additivism ...

    Moore's Law was pretty simplistic -- Computers don't double in speed every 18 months by themselves, it is the evolution of
    the technology to manufacture computers which allows them to double in speed every 18 months.   (And we've now
    recognized that we've hit some physical limits to this manufacturing technology.)  Nevertheless, exponential growth does
    suggest infinite technology -- or at least infinite technology where computation is the tool.  But what does that really mean?
    (Given that technology extends our senses and influence, it is "Omniscience and Omnipotence" -- The ability to know all that can be known and to modify all that can be modified.)

    Here's a book which paints a more realistic picture.  And it includes 3D printing (actually an extension of MBE --
    Molecular Beam Epitaxy -- or the Matter Feed of Neal Stephenson's "The Diamond Age")  and it's from 1950.
    (The correct picture is hierarchical -- and infinite technology would be an infinite recursion)
    of the Trade
    by Raymond F. Jones, Astounding Science Fiction Magazine,
    November, 1950
    Copyright 1950 by Street & Smith Publications, Inc.


    "The tools to make the tools to make the tools—

      It kept ringing through his head like a stupid jingle"

    Re-published in: “Space, Space, Space”
    Editor: William Sloane;
    Franklin Watts Publisher 1953
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    Your train of thought reminds me: The Last Question: But in your case it sounds very much as something aside from us, something external. Which would mean that technology would reach omnipotence before us?

    But anyway, the thought of humans reaching omnianything is pretty outdated. I believe we're rapidly leaving the idea of 'human' behind us. After the antihumanist movement there is not much left to be proud of as a human and rightly so in my opinion. Posthumanism, nonhumanism, speculative reality, new materialismm accelerationist aesthetics is lots about transforming or leaving behind the very concept of human as we knew it so far (eurocentric, white, male).
    animistology - "Everything is alive" and other tales from the thresholds. On Tumblr or Facebook.
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