Translating Manifesto to Italian

Hello, I was wondering if anynone is/was translating the Additivism Manifesto into Italian as I would like to help and I am more than happy to offer my collaboration if any help is needed. Also, if nobody has started a translation, is there anyone interested in collaborating to do so? I am fine with the translation from English to Italian but I need somebody's help with the final editing of the Italian translation, thank you!


  • d_b
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    We are going to start to work on the translation of the manifesto in Italian. if you would like to help, just get in touch, that would be much appreciate, thank you! :-)
  • Ciao - I am happy to help with translation - mother tongue english but bilingual academic Italian if you need any input?
    My name is Rachel Falconer and you can email me on: if you have anything you would like me to look at. Such a great project and it would be great to be able to help out! 
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